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    ??Food Machinery Blades
    Meat grinder blade maintenance method

    1. Sharpening locking knob. Find the lock knob, your meat grinder. It can be found in the base shaft above the bottom left area. Locking knob that looks like a black plastic knobs. lock plate and whetstone, once you have located the knob and unscrew the base axis. Sharp fossil meat grinder shaft on the base of the area. Once the grindstone settlement based on the axis, knob screw back in place. Meat grinder blade sharpening stone. Fully tighten sharpening locking knob until you hear a clicking sound.


    2. Switch inserted into the meat grinder and sharpen blades. Allow them to sharpen for about 30 seconds. Close the knife close to 4 seconds, and then repeat this process 3 times. Unscrew knob slide the stone base and move to the left.


    3. Right side of the grinder base. After this, tighten the knife locking knob back in its place. Again using rubbing alcohol and carefully clean the meat grinder blade and rinse it off. This will get rid of any possible sharpening of metal particles.


    4. Meat grinder, so when maintaining and sharpening the blade, make sure meat grinder blades don't hurt people, in such cases you can maintain meat grinder blade, but also cleaning the blade to mince in a timely manner, so as to better ensure good use of meat grinder.

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