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    ??Food Machinery Blades
    feed grinder blades, feed bulking machine grinder blade, feed bulking machine knife

    feed grinder blades, feed bulking machine grinder blade, feed bulking machine knife

    Product name or use:Circular section knife,circular instant noodle knife,Automatic cut noodles circular knife ,Tufting machine circular knife cutting

    Applicable food:Vegetables, fruits, meat, candy, etc.

    Our factory production feed grinder blades for more than 20 years, we are the Chinese food industry leader in blades, food processing blades Expert. our factory is located in Shanghai, China, convenient transportation within the plant facilities, it has imported advanced CNC machine tools from Germany, with our 20 years of experience in research and development of food processing blades, produce world-class food processing blades.

    Our food processing blades widely used in fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood, sugar, slice, dice, shred, chopping and other food processing, blade tough, impact resistance, so the failure rate is very low, further blade raw materials and strict in our selection, without any pollution, our food processing blades ensure health and safety. specially treated cutting edge, sharp and has a certain toughness, service life is 3-5 times the normal food processing blades.

    Our factory production feed bulking machine grinder blade, are widely used in various parts of the food processing industry, it has been exported to more than 30 countries and regions, wherein the feed bulking machine knife require a higher standard of Japan, we now have more than 10 long-term food production enterprises, if you need feed bulking machine knife, please contact us!e-mail:chinablades@163.com

    • Address: NO.58 Baoan Road baoan district,Shanghai City, China.
      ?????+86-13965385918 ?????+86-21-51083710 E-Mail:chinablades@163.com skype:chinablades
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